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    Chromotion Hi-Def Support
Chromotion Hi-Def Support HDTV FormatsChromotion supports all 18 of the following DTV ATSC formats:Vertical LinesPixels Aspect Ratio Picture Rate1080 1920 16:9 60i, 30p, 24p 720 1280 16:9 60i, 30p, 24p 480 704 16:9 and 4:3 60p, 60i, 30p, 24p 480 640 4:3 60p, 60i, 30p, 24p Adaptive Per-Pixel De-InterlacingDigital displays, like HDTVs, DVI displays, and CRT monitors, ultimately req...
    Chromotion Decode
Chromotion Decode Windows Media Video 9 (WMV9) Decoding The Windows Media Video 9 (WMV9) encoding process allows a higher compression ratio than traditional MPEG-2 encoding processes. This efficient compression algorithm enables consumer-quality video both over the internet and within applications.As with most encoding processes, WMV9 also produces some inherent visual artifa...
    Video Image Controls
Video Image Controls The following Chromotion components include user-accessible controls for adjustment and manipulation of video images.ChromoColor for Gamma Adjustment There are two basic issues to consider when attempting to produce a color image that will faithfully reproduce the correct data (color, hue, saturation, intensity) on a display. The first issue is to properly c...
DisplayPort DisplayPort (DP) is a new technology governed by the Video Electronic Standards Association (VESA) as a standard for PC display connectivity. DisplayPort is a scalable digital display interface targeting internal (notebook LCD panels) and external (device-to-device) display connections. Major features of DP make it possible to enable higher levels of display...
    PowerWise™ Technology
PowerWise™ Technology S3 Graphics has continued to innovate and lead the industry in providing power efficient products at high performance levels for a true green computing device able to hit EPA power requirements for graphics processors. The latest implementation of the S3 proprietary hardware and software power management technology — PowerWise™ - enables further power saving...
    MultiChrome Technology
MultiChrome Technology S3 Graphics MultiChrome technology, an open platform and cable/connector free technology, enables two GPUs to work together in parallel to provide additional PC game acceleration on any motherboard with multiple x16 PCIe slots, without the need for any proprietary inter-GPU cables/connectors, and with ease of use functionality.Features Open Platform - works ...
    Chrome GPGPU Products for Computation-Intensive Applications
Chrome GPGPU Products for Computation-Intensive Applications S3 Graphics GPGPU technology helps accelerate parallel-based, computation-intensive applications for the engineering, scientific, medical, and consumer markets.The complete re-design of the Chrome general purpose programmable shader architecture supports an SIMD instruction set to efficiently calculate computations on parallel data workloads and thousands of...
    Chromotion Video
Chromotion Video Chromotion 3.0 Highlights WMV-HD Motion Compensation H/W Acceleration – Reduces CPU utilization when decoding WMV-HD files.MPEG-2 HD IDCT and Motion Compensation H/W Acceleration – Reduces CPU utilization when decoding MPEG2-HD files.Video Deblocking – Removes blocking artifacts inherent in low bit rate images.ChromoVision – Displays full screen video on sec...
    DirectX 10
DirectX 10 As part of the Windows Vista™ release, Microsoft® decided to take graphics and 3D rendering technology to the next level by updating the DirectX 3D level to Version 10 (DX10). The new API brings graphics realism, crisp image detail, and in-game physics to create complex and real-life dynamic effects. Visual eye-candy such as shadows, lighting, and rain ...
    AcceleRAM LowFB Technology
AcceleRAM LowFB Technology S3 Graphics AcceleRAM LowFB (Low Frame Buffer) Technology is a combination of hardware and software that enables this new and unique architecture. In this configuration, a part of the larger system main memory (DDR2 DIMMs), called PCIe memory, is used as part of the overall video memory, which includes a small amount of dedicated local video memory.The consu...
    DirectX 10.1
DirectX 10.1 The upcoming refresh to the DirectX 10 API will be introduced as DX 10.1, ready to be released with Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1). DX10.1 is based on the DX10 architecture and includes additional features and instructions to enhance rendering quality by providing improved filtering and anti-aliasing support. Some features that were optional in DX10 are ...
    ChromotionHD 2.0
ChromotionHD 2.0 The introduction of HD media, such as Blu-ray Disc, HD-DVD and digital TV (DTV) broadcasting, gives consumers a vast array of media delivery choices for the viewing of high quality video content. As the PC becomes a central console for the digital home, consumers need powerful graphics processors capable of delivering outstanding and stunning picture quality...
HDMI The current trend towards using the personal computer (PC) as an entertainment system capable of displaying High Definition (HD) video, gaming, and graphics content has allowed the PC to become the centerpiece of home media entertainment systems. With multiple independent HDMI interfaces, the Chrome 400 series graphics processors from S3 Graphics provides me...
    Windows Vista™
Windows Vista™ In a continuing effort to ensure premium support for future technologies, S3 Graphics has been working closely with Microsoft® to develop key system hardware components for Microsoft's® current and future generation operating systems (OS). The introduction of Microsoft® Windows Vista™ has brought a new level of graphics realism and support to ...
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