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MagicView Scope

S3 MagicView is powerful and user-friendly digital signage software system for designing, distributing and displaying of digital signage. It combines the qualities of traditional multimedia and the graphics power of contemporary computer technology. S3 MagicView can be applied on a variety of digital signage systems, from single-computer systems to scalable distributed systems, allowing you to control from one to a thousand digital displays at any time, from anywhere.

Outstanding Features of MagicView

Media Library
Media Management - Manage your contents by file type, categories, approval status and dimension so everything is easy to find. Client’s disk space is auto managed.

Layout design
Design the layout with the layers defined by multimedia like messages, videos, Flash, images, live video, or web browser using the intuitive interface in MagicView.

For categorized layouts, scheduler can organize them with different time frames in a simple schematic interface.

Emergency message
A standalone message can be broadcasted in case of emergencies.

Content Auditing
The media can not be published without approval, prevent unsuitable programs to be broadcasted.

Multi independent contents
In a same display, it should include different contents defined by layout, one or some of video, audio, message, photos, flash, RSS, MMS, weather, clock, PPT and web-browser. More content types can be supported by developing plug-ins with SDK.

Clients monitoring
Clients’ real time status is clearly under monitoring, E.g. Client name, IP address, current playing layout, FPS……
User role setting 
Users can be assigned different rights in workflow.

MagicView provides a total solution of report, very detail information can be got from remote.

Log the event for record
All the operations are logged and can be searched by time period.

Audio control
A standalone audio content is allowed in MagicView, audio can switch between different frames and independent audio content.

Database support
Support MySQL database(Server Edition), and Access database(Start /Professional Edition). Easy to integrate with existed accounting systems.

Content Security mechanism
Medias are all signed by Digital Private Key, which preventing media modification from hackers.

Secure network
Data transferred between MagicView server and clients are all encrypted.

Great Performance
MagicView has a greater performance than regular digital signage software especially on MAMM mode, can support up to 10 HD clips (1920x1080*30fps) playback smoothly on i7 on 3840x2160 x4 mode.

MagicView has English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese versions for customer use.

Client Recovery
Recovery mechanism is used in MagicView, we set the recovery when some exception happened.

Client upgrade
Clients can do remote upgrade via network, no need do it one by one and on site.

USB Key Policy
USB Key based distribution policy can easily adapted to your requirement, from client count limit to screen count limit. We also provide a Start Edition for your evaluation.

Online/Offline clients
The online Client connects to the network and communicates with
Control Server via encrypted network to update schedules and contents. For those users without network, offline clients are available.
Online and Offline client can auto switch to prevent unstable network.

Client Groups
Sort clients to different groups, each group can see the same and suitable contents. Make your life easier to publish contents to lots of clients.


System requirement

S3 Magic view contains of four part of module: Controller, Controller Server, Media Server, Player Client.

Controller requirements

Windows Operating System:
Windows 7
2.0G Duo Core CPU or faster
1G System memory or larger
DX9c compatible graphic adapter with 256M video memory

Server and Media Server requirements

Windows Server Operating System:
Windows 2003 Server or later.
2.0G Duo Core CPU or faster
2G System memory or larger

Player Client requirements

Windows Operating System:
Windows 7
2.0G Duo Core CPU or faster
1G System memory or larger
VIA ATiGO A1150/A1200/A1250 compact system
S3 5400EW video wall adapter or later product

Connect us to get trial version: FrankDLi@viatech.com.cn

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