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Download Drivers

Check with your board vendor

Software accessible here is generic and may not be fully compatible or function perfectly with all features of your video board or BIOS, or with software provided by your board vendor. Your board vendor is the appropriate source for driver, utility and BIOS updates.

Understand and accept the risk

CAUTION: If you experience problems with this software, revert to the software provided by your board vendor and contact that vendor for available updates. You must read and agree to the License Agreement before downloading any of this software.

Download drivers

   Option 1: Manually find drivers for my S3 products

Please select your operating system, product series and the product model and then select Go.

Operating System: Product Series: Product Model:

   Option 2: Automatically find drivers for my S3 products

What it does:
The S3 Smart Scan looks at your computer's hardware and system software to determine whether or not your drivers are up-to-date.
No personal information is collected.
Only your system's hardware and system software is evaluated.
Works on Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Media Center, and Windows Vista.
Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox & Netscape browsers.
Provides suggestions for improving your computer.

Please Note:
You will need to give your permission to download a secure ActiveX/Java browser component.
You can easily uninstall the ActiveX/Java browser component when the analysis is complete.

Download utility to find your S3 graphics chip:
Use Windows utility WinS3ID.EXE to help identify the chip on your board or system. Right click and "Save Target As" to your desktop. Double-click on the WinS3ID desktop icon. Write down the chip number and chip name for later reference. (If your legacy device was made before 1999, you may need to run the DOS utility S3ID.EXE from a Windows command prompt.)

   Option 3: find drivers for my S3 products by type the Product Model

Product Model:           

Note: Microsoft Windows® XP drivers for chips produced before the release of Windows XP are contained within the Windows XP retail CD. Upgrading from Windows® 2000 or Windows® 95/98 or ME will automatically install the correct driver. Updates to drivers provided "in-the-box" on the operating system CD are not available for legacy products. Click here for a list of in the box drivers for S3 Graphics products.


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