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GammaChrome: Windows XP and Windows 2000 Driver (Proto)

Windows XP: Release Notes EN
Release Notes CN
User's Guide EN (5.5MB)
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Release Date 2007-12-24

Release Type: Proto
- Fixed Team Fortress 2 and Portal BSOD on game launch
- Driver enhancements
For Chrome 20 Series and GammaChrome
GPU IDs: 8E48, 8E40, 8E10


GammaChrome: Windows XP and Windows 2000 Driver

File Names (Size) DOWNLOAD
Release Date 2007-10-22
Description Release Type: Microsoft Certified for Windows XP
For Chrome 20 Series and GammaChrome
GPU IDs: 8E48, 8E10
Driver also be available via Windows Update.


GammaChrome: Certified for Windows Vista Drivers

File Names (Size) 32bit DOWNLOAD
Release Date 2007-07-30
Description Release Type: Certified for Windows Vista Driver
For GammaChrome
GPU IDs: 8E10
Driver also be available via Windows Update.

The "Certified for Windows Vista" logo means the certified S3 Graphics processors and their software drivers have met explicit standards of reliability and quality, and have been tested and proven to deliver a superior experience when running a PC under Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate editions.
These drivers are compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista release build 6000. These drivers have not been tested with Windows Server "Longhorn" beta builds.


GammaChrome: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Driver

File Names (Size) DOWNLOAD
Release Date 2006-01-20
Description Release Type: Proto
- Driver enhancements
GPU IDs: 8E10, 8E48

S3 Graphics GammaChrome graphics accelerators for PCI Express systems include:

    Desktop: GammaChromeS18(8E10)
    Mobile: GammaChromeXM18(8E12), GammaChromeXM18 ULP MPM64(8E13)
    (all chips not supported by all drivers; for mobile devices, contact your mobile system vendor for updates)


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